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Nghi Son project - Baby Stay

Project name: Project Nghi Son - Bai Avoid

This is an important route linking the North West province and the Nghi Son is the first items to be built after Congress passed a resolution on the policy to build the Ho Chi Minh.

The project was built with government bond funds, with total investment of more than 292 billion. Projects under its construction traffic and 5 joint venture companies build Thanh Hoa bridge construction.

Nghi Son route linking Ho Chi Minh City with a total length of 54.5 km, the road construction standards for third mountain, where narrowest road surface 6 meters wide, where the largest surface 12m. On the middle line has seven bridges and two major bridges for the National Highway 1A and the railway overpass.

Under the plan, the road was built during the period from 22-24 months. After being put to use the road linking Nghi Son port with Highway 1A and the Ho Chi Minh City contributed to promoting the investment efficiency of the Ho Chi Minh, especially facilitating economic development and socio-provincial Northwest as well as the western districts of Thanh Hoa province