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There is to be taken home feng shui?

When buying a house, building or house to decorate the family home are interested in feng shui. Why?

Moreover because wall of light, the shadow contains the damp, moss born types, bacteria, insects, worms, ants nest here.

Earth revolves around the sun, people living on earth. Sunlight, wind, water and gas, depending on each site where the relationship was born.

Can often take an example as follows: On an empty plot of land, originally uninhabited or business, should not see any bad points that happen. When someone has built a wall, a trading company or build a house on that plot of land, it immediately generated a relationship.

Who we are at risk when misfortune, hardly doubt that welfare graphics, sand hung largely located in your home time. Because everyone has contact with the object, will generate immediate relations, such as a wall above the existing evidence.

(The Archi)

Relations arising can not stop there, the wind is blowing to be retaining walls, will immediately make a strong chemical shift accumulated in the space, generating wind blows, wind chuong.vv ...

Solar wall light, the bright side, the other is dark, when the slanting sun shade long, noon to narrow the shade would, under the wall the way it usually is not far from the shade, sun little reference to light, the trees were searing, ragged.

We were unlucky lucky, are being encountered disaster, because five months operation of the air date is variable, unpredictable Metamorphosis, each time each time we moved the furniture changed, adding the chairs listed here, add bed and there ... The change will make us into trouble, happiness or sadness.

If the police know all scouts make a campaign, many will be happy to create prosperity for the country and happiness of mankind.