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Feng Shui for the window to bring good luck into the house

The opening number is like a welcome act nice fresh energy from outside to inside the room, I guarantee you will always feel excited to wake up every morning to be manually opened the door to catch the Welcome the fresh air of the morning with gentle sunbeams

Window is designed in accordance with feng shui space, will bring many good things, good luck for your life.

For the houses towards the sun, the sun entered the room through the window too much can cause irritability, discomfort, do not work for the employer. In this case, can be overcome by hanging a crystal ball at the window to turn sunlight into rainbow increase the flow of air in the room.

First you need to remember not to open too many windows in a room, windows should not be too wide, and usually only to the two walls of a windowless room because there are too many windows will be made easier loss of energy.

(According Dothi)

Windows should be designed with doors may open outward to let air flow and lead to strengthening good atmosphere, welcoming more luck to the owner. Window open on the inside just took up too much room area just feeling introverted, shy to the landlord.

Besides, you also need to pay attention not to open the window directly opposite the main entrance as this, the air flow from outside come into the room through the window to escape right through the front door without being circulated in the room.

Wind bell is also an important choice for your home windows by Feng Shui items will help regulate and distribute the gas flow positive through the window into the room the better, as well as removing the bad omen could enter the building through a window.

The most important thing you should notice is that the window should be placed in any position so as not to dissipate the energy positive and bode well inside the room. The suggestions below will help you find a solution to the open window so that the most reasonable.

A further note that the upper part of the window must be at least higher than the tallest in the house and an area large enough and should be attached to blinds or curtains sunscreen use in this sunshine.